Story of Innovation


I BELIEVE that every child is born to succeed. I also believe in the maxim that “education can’t be bought, can’t be sold, it can can be sincerely given and sincerely taken.” It was these twin thoughts that inspired my late father, Shri S. P. Gupta, to establish the SP Higher Secondary and SP Senior Secondary schools. Both schools are co-educational.

We continue to be guided by the lofty standards set by my father in providing the best in learning and teaching experience in our schools. In 1996, I devised what we called the “SP Smart Schooling System” that goes beyond offering the staple conventional education. A relentless pursuit of the “Smart system” has ensured, I dare say, that our schools remain one of the finest options in quality education in the region. Our schools have a teaching faculty with enviable skills. They use innovative techniques to help hone the skills of the students in various fields. The excellent academic and sports achievements of our students are a testimony to our high teaching standards. To stay ahead, our schools have ultra-modern campuses. These campuses house smart classrooms — well-furnished and digitally equipped — and excellent lab facilities, a well-stocked library. For a holistic development of the students, we have well-maintained playgrounds and facilities for extra-curricular activities.

We are grooming students for responsibilities of the future. Towards that end, we are preparing them for different competitive and board examinations. We are acutely aware of what good and diligent learning entails, and are, therfore, against the parallel, unorganised system of learning by rote, that is, tuitions.

Shivaang Satya Gupta
Chief Operating Officer,
SP Higher Secondary School